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  • Me
    I’m Sebastiano, born the Semptember 11 2000.
    Currently living in Reggio Emilia, a small city in the north of Italy.

  • Studies
    After two years in a languages school, I graduated with a score of 91/100 from a international relationships and marketing course of a technical high school. I'm now attending a Digital Marketing course at University of Modena and Reggio.

  • Experience as developer and projects
    Basics of .net languages (, C#) , C++, Java, AngularJS, Django; experience with JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
    Full confidence with HTML and CSS.

    My curriculum - My portfolio

    What do I do

  • Social Media Manager
    I can manage all the social medias for you, so you can focus on what you really need to and leaving me "the dirty job".

  • Make your website
    E-commerce, showcase, big websites, whatever you need, I provide it, according to your needs.

  • Pills of Web Marketing
    If you need a detailed analytics of your website, improve your Search Engine placement, SEO, grow your business with advertising campaigns, here I am.

    I can do even more, just hit me up with your questions or requests.
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      Yes, that's me for real.

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    Reggio Emilia, Italy